This video is footage of me riding for my son. This is the first time he has ever seen me ride my unicycle. His Nana is holding him up and he appears bewildered. The link is on my website. Click here to view it. Note that it is a Quicktime movie that is not streamed, so it might take awhile to load. I should put this on YouTube.

Web 2.0 sites are not linear places to visit; rather, they are online services that enable users to get something accomplished. Businesses can harness web 2.0 technology to increase productivity, enhance associate communication and improve vendor relations.

  • Improving online communications –  Experiment with a growing array of collaborative services to maintain corporate intranet communications. For example, use of wikis to create meeting agendas and post training videos.
  • Using AJAX applications – The use of dashboard and document management apps using AJAX technology have improved browsing, viewing and search, capabilities. Many online retailers use this technology to improve customer experience while browsing. As a shopper, I find it convenient to see what I’ve looked at just in case I want to make a purchase.
  • Podcasting and RSS feeds – target customers with clearly defined interests and keep them current on the companies services and news.

All content is placed into Vignette and must meet the following criteria.HTML

  • HTML code cannot exceed 43k.
  • Client-side image maps are acceptable and must be provided by the client.
  • Forms tags in HTML code must use “get” in the method.
  • CGIs referenced in the HTML code must be active at the time of submission for validating/testing the ad HTML code, and able to handle the traffic load.
  • Ads with CGIs which are not active and/or cannot handle the projected traffic will not be accepted.


  •  Users must use the standard photo library. Any deviations from that library must be approved by web services.

  • 2 images maximum per the assigned template. Additional photos must be approved by web services.


  • All documents must be stored in your library. All MS Office documents and Adobe PDFs are acceptable.

Linking URL

Flash Guidelines

  • 30KB download and up to 4 additional download streams upon user click are permitted. Each additional stream may not exceed 100KB.
  • Frame rate may not exceed 18 frames per second. Banners that exceed 18 frames per second will not be accepted. 12 frames per second is preferred.
  • If the browser does not support Flash 6.0 and above, the alternate image will be served (see submission guidelines). Our standard is now Flash 9.0 on the corporate intranet.
  • Loading files from cross domains is not permitted for security reasons.


  • All applications must be processed through our online project form. The traffic manger will review each application with web services and you will be contacted to schedule a preliminary meeting.

  • All departments must use our assigned vendors that are approved by IS.

  • Applications are prioritized on a patient care critical basis.

When I worked for a local children’s hospital in the IT department, I had a lot of stress. This was commonplace for all associates. We had a lot of work and tight deadlines with short staff. Sound familiar? To help alleviate the stress for myself and my co workers, I put an easel with a whiteboard outside of my cubicle and drew a new cartoon on it every morning. Before long, my co workers stopped by everyday to see what was new. The humor was similar to the Farside and Dilbert in a dry, deranged way. You can view some of the drawings at WebDiva’s Whiteboard Cartoons

My little troll was a late walker. He didn’t start toddling until he was 14 months old. The best shoes I found for beginner walking types are Stride Rite Stages shoes. I am not sure what makes them better than Keds, but he had traction and stability. Before long he was running.

Have you ever caught a nasty cold complete with cough and referred to it as “the croup?” I certainly have. It was a term I picked up from my mom when she referred to a cough and cold.

I didn’t learn that it is a real viral infection until my toddler caught it from another rugrat in daycare. My next door neighbor is a nurse practitioner, so I got the scoop on what the croup is and the best treatments.

Croup is a viral infection that little folks catch from their friends and share with other little friends. The main symptom is a bronchial like cough. It goes away in about 5 days if the case is mild. My son had a mild case and the best thing I could do for him was bundle his little self and sit on our porch in the cool moist air. It was raining the day I discovered he had croup, so we were lucky to have perfect treatment weather. I put a humidifier (cool mist) in his room that night and it helped lessen the nasty coughing.

Who knew that this generic term was a real virus? Wow.

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